IPU Summer School

Due to the spread of the Coronavirus in Germany, Summer School 2020 must adhere to Berlin Senate directives and cannot take place. We very much regret this development, thank all interested parties and hope to be able to make up the Summer School program at another time.

Ruptures and Utopia in Present Societies

Psychoanalytic Perspectives and Social Critique

Modern societies are currently in deep crisis: within growing parts of the population, confidence in democratic institutions is seemingly eroding. In many places, the challenges of increasing inequalities, imminent ecological catastrophes and worldwide migration movements are being met by means of de-solidarization, national isolation and the return to identitarian constructions.

The political discourse is increasingly characterised by emotionality, constituted through a variety of misunderstood emotions, desires and fears underlying the cracks, breaks and divisions within the political sphere. However, these fractures are not only of destructive nature, but offer a utopian potential as well. Emerging protest movements, such as “Fridays for Future”, point in this direction.

  • What exactly divides modern societies?
  • What is the function of these cracks?
  • What utopian potential do they foster?

Intercultural reflection groups offer the opportunity to pursue own experiences with the treated contents. The additional module of Video Documentation expects all participants to discuss, process and spread these contents in a digital manner.